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CRG Automation designs & builds fully automated continuous and intermittent motion cartoners, specifically designed for our customer’s needs. Our fully automated cartoners are faster and more efficient and consistent than a manual process, providing the following features to ensure our cartoners get the job done:

CRG Cartoner Standard Features

  • Robust construction- steel frames for heavy use and long-life
  • Compact- built-in control enclosures to reduce the overall footprint, safely located within the framework
  • Accessibility- major components accessible from either side, with perimeter guard doors located at each maintenance and adjustment location
  • Easy and fast changeover- major adjustment points are servo driven for quick and easy changeovers
  • Rockwell Logix Control platform- Compac or Control Logix processor with Panelview HMI for full control and easy integration
  • Glue and Tuck carton enclosure- automated tuck and gluing systems integrated into the cartoner
  • Servo Product loader- ensures repeatable performance, higher speeds and ease of adjustment
  • Infeed bucket (product) conveyor- servo driven with flow-through bypass option
  • Central Lube system- reduce maintenance down time
  • Category 3 safety – all CRG cartoners are built with a minimum of Category 3 safety specifications (CRG can meet customer specific safety protocol as needed)

In addition to our standard cartoners, CRG also build custom cartoners to meet our customer’s needs. A few custom options include:

  • Sanitary stainless steel
  • Upstream transfer systems
  • Marking systems (laser/ink)
  • Conveyor integration
  • Weighing systems
  • Metal detectors and x-ray stations

Whether you make cereal, crackers, frozen goods or consumer products, CRG can provide you the best cartoner for your needs and integrate it seamlessly into your existing packaging lines.

Case Study: Helping a Waste Bags Manufacturer Solve Configuration Challenges


A major manufacturer of waste bags faced a challenge when a key customer wanted to convert from a folded configuration to rolls. On top of that, the customer asked the manufacturer for the new rolls in a wide variety of bag counts, ranging from 15 to more than 50. The manufacturer’s existing cartoners could not accommodate either of the requests, and there was no available capital to replace them. To maintain this customer’s business, the manufacturer faced the difficult situation of completely replacing the cartoners. New equipment would cost more than double the acceptable budget, and most major cartoner OEMs had no interest in the required redesign.


The answer was easy for CRG Automation — design and build a custom cartoner to meet their needs. CRG Automation worked closely with the manufacturer to understand all the issues and provide the best solution, while reducing overall capital investments by almost 50%. In addition, the project:

  • Doubled speed from 20 to 40 cartons per minute
  • Reduced changeover time by more than 70%
  • Reduced the overall footprint
  • Completely upgraded the safety package

CRG Automation and the manufacturer have continued working together on a range of additional projects, developing many more solutions that have been beneficial to both. Currently, CRG Automation has built over 36 machines for this customer.

Case Study: Increasing Speed and Sanitation for a Major Food Company


A major foods company needed to replace an aging existing cartoner but had big expectations for its replacement. The new cartoner needed to integrate with an existing upstream transfer and downstream case packer, as well as increase speed from 100 cartons per minute to 175. The company also needed a higher level of sanitary design — without the cost of a stainless cartoner.


CRG Automation designed and built a cartoner with an outer washdown coating and eliminated flat edges where food can accumulate. All cable ductwork was installed overhead. The new cartoner easily integrated with both upstream and downstream equipment, as well as ran at the increased speed vastly improving output.

Case Study: Doubling Production Speed for a Frozen Foods Company


A major frozen foods company needed to increase the output of its frozen pizza production and reduce labor needs. The company’s existing line used 10 manual hand-load cartoners that required two operators each and produced only 75 pizzas per minute. Replacing these with completely new cartoners would have exceeded the company’s budget nor would new continuous motion cartoners fit into the available space.


CRG Automation converted the existing cartoners to become fully automatic, working within the existing space to nearly double speed to 130 pizzas per minute. The solution also reduced the number of operators needed by more than half, allowing the company to redeploy its workers to higher-value projects. CRG Automation’s solution offered upgraded controls and new stainless components, which improved productivity by simplifying washdown and sanitation practices.

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