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We are here to help get your product out the door and to your customers. CRG Automation has decades of experience in the design, build and integration of case packers and case erectors for a diverse line of consumer products to fit your packaging needs. Whether fragile glass lightbulbs, frozen & dry food, chemical based materials, beverages or consumer goods, CRG can design, build and integrate a case packing system to meet your needs. CRG offers case packing solutions in both intermittent and continuous motion, with integrated and component case erectors to fit your needs and packaging system footprint.

CRG Case Packers

  • Robust construction- steel frames for heavy use and long-life
  • Accessibility- major components accessible from either side, with perimeter guard doors located at each maintenance and adjustment location
  • Easy and fast changeover- major adjustment points are servo driven for quick and easy changeovers
  • Rockwell Logix Control platform- Compac or Control Logix processor with Panelview HMI for full control and easy integration
  • Case tape/glue system- automated taping/gluing systems integrated into the case packer
  • Category 3 safety – all CRG case packers are built with a minimum of Category 3 safety specifications (CRG can meet customer specific safety protocol as needed)

In addition to these features, CRG has extensive experience in integrating the following:

  • Robotic palletizers
  • Stretch Wrapping Systems
  • Reject off loaders
  • Labeling/Printing systems
  • Metal detectors and x-ray systems
  • Infeed product conveyors
  • Downstream product and pallet conveyors

Specialty Case Procurement

At CRG, we know the importance of case packing and making sure your product gets to its destination safe and in-tact. Whether you need a standard corrugated box or specialty cases, we partner with industry leading to ensure we can help provide the quality cases you need. CRG takes the time to look at the little details, so you do not have to, ensuring quality cases that will increase up-time and reduce case jams and damaged products.

Case Study: Protecting Fragile Light Bulbs by Automating Case Packing


A major light bulb manufacturer sought to automate the case packing of sleeves of light bulbs. The company had three manually operated lines and spare parts that needed modification before they could be installed. Each machine required a new custom infeed system to present the sleeves of light bulbs to the case packer ― without damaging this fragile product. Additionally, the control system required upgrades as did the machine safety guarding. Beyond the issue of the fragile product was a configuration conundrum, as the case packer would need to be able to run at 3-5 cases per minute with either a 6- or 12-count of sleeved light bulbs.


CRG Automation designed a new infeed conveyor system and product loader to work with the old case packers. Upgrades to the entire control system and servo technology ensured accurate loading of the fragile bulbs. The solution matched the current production line speed, freeing up employees for higher-value work, and the improved safety guard package met new standards.

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