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CRG Automation designs product transfers to work in conjunction with downstream automatic cartoners. These devices transfer the primary product from upstream systems to the infeed conveyor of the cartoner. At many facilities today, this process is done manually and requires multiple operators and infeed systems.

CRG Automation will work with your current controls platform or select one that will work best for your application and integrate it successfully into your overall packaging system. Servo controls provide proper balancing of product on the lane and accurate transfer of the product into the cartoner or case packer. We can also integrate any existing product transfers and always ensure compliance with local codes and leading safety standards.

Our expertise includes:

  • Bag product transfers
  • Overhead sweep
  • Vertical drop
  • Frozen product transfers
  • Sanitary design (if required)
  • Multi-lane transfers

Case Study: Fewer Jams, Faster Cartoning for Frozen Waffle Maker


A major manufacturer of frozen waffles sought a new product transfer system that would work with its existing cartoner to accommodate higher throughput. Packages were produced over four separate conveyor lines and then fed to the cartoning area. The previous system was limited to less than 120 cartons per minute and suffered frequent jams. The manufacturer also needed a compact system to fit into its existing space.


CRG Automation designed a multi-lane transfer system that worked with the four infeed conveyor lines and transferred the packages into the conveyor of the cartoner. A key element of the new system included gapping/separating the packages, eliminating the jams that had been so common for so long. The new multi-lane transfer fit into the available space and integrated with the existing cartoner. CRG Automation’s solution increased the overall production rate from less than 120 cartons per minute to 200 cartons per minute.

Case Study: Simplifying Transfer and Changeover for a Foam Tray Manufacturer


A major manufacturer of foam trays for meat products needed a new system that could receive multiple lanes of trays from an upstream system and present them to the downstream system that attached absorbent pads. The existing process produced up to 600 trays per minute but required up to three operators, who also had to perform quality control. Staffing issues had become an ongoing concern.


CRG Automation designed a multi-lane transfer system that balanced the flow. The new system stacked trays and then presented them to the downstream systems on each side. CRG Automation’s engineers balanced the lane flow to accommodate the variations in tray thickness across the lanes. This new system requires only one operator and handles trays of multiple sizes with only a simple changeover

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