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C-IMC Cartoner

CRG Automation’s cartoners have been the backbone of industry giants like Reynolds and Coca Cola for 20 years. Our time-tested automated packaging solutions serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to reliability.Our machines are more than just packaging equipment; they are steadfast partners in production, designed for robustness, longevity, and unrivaled quality.With the C-IMC cartoner, we’re taking the best of CRG Automation’s legacy and infusing it with modern packaging flexibility to meet the evolving needs of our clients.In today’s challenging labor market, ease of operation is crucial. The C-IMC cartoner is intuitive, foolproof, and designed for rapid onboarding – ensuring anyone can operate it with confidence, regardless of experience in cartoning.

Setting the Gold Standard for Cartoners

  • Precision Perfected: While others make promises, C-IMC cartoner delivers with pinpoint accuracy in every carton.
  • Seamless Robotics Integration: Built to complement and enhance existing production lines, ensuring smooth transitions. 
  • Unparalleled Support: With CRG, you’re not just buying a cartoner – you’re investing in a partnership. Our support and maintenance teams are always on standby.
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The C-IMC will redefine your expectations!

  • Effortless Operation
  • Unparalleled Flexibility
  • Two-arm Rotary Pick
  • 15.6" State-of-the-art Interface
  • Intermittent Rate: 60+ CPM
  • Precision Servo Adjustable Buckets

A Cartoner Designed for Today's Challenges!

  • Labor Shortage Solutions: In a landscape where worker turnover and frequent re-training is the norm, the C-IMC cartoner stands out as the quick-learning solution.
  • Safety First: Beyond simplicity, C-IMC cartoner prioritizes the safety of every operator, ensuring a secure production environment.
  • Less Time, More Output: Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. With a C-IMC cartoner, production keeps moving!

Intuitive Training, On-The-Go!

  • Real-Time Guidance: With our on-screen video classes, learn the ins and outs of the C-IMC cartoner while standing right in front of it.
  • Simplified Instruction: Think airline safety video – straightforward, engaging, and memorable. No lengthy manuals or tedious sessions.
  • Empower Every Operator: From seasoned technicians to new recruits, our intuitive training ensures everyone can operate the C-IMC cartoner with confidence and efficiency. 
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One Machine, Infinite Possibilities

Versatility in Carton Sizes

Size Spectrum:
From the smallest to the largest, C-IMC cartoner can handle a diverse range of carton sizes with ease.

Preloaded Recipes:
Forget lengthy setup times. With our preloaded cartoner recipes, changeovers are quick, accurate, and hassle-free.

Simplified Switch:
Cater to varied production needs without the usual downtime, ensuring maximum productivity. 

Custom Cartoner Solutions

In addition to the C-IMC cartoner, we also engineer custom cartoning solutions for those looking to meet specific sets of standards. We serve a broad range of industries from foods to medical, and work with products as heavy as industrial equipment to goods as fragile as light bulbs. Whatever your product is, CRG Automation helps you carton it quickly, safely, and efficiently, all while allowing your personnel more time to focus on value-added operations.

Our fully automated cartoners are guaranteed to deliver more efficient and consistent results faster than a manual process. Each standard CRG cartoner employs the following standard features to ensure that the job always gets done right.

  • Sanitary Stainless Steel - Sanitary steel is the standard for food grade and medical applications.
  • Upstream Transfer Systems - Special paths can be created for moving cartons to the next station.
  • Marking Systems (laser/ink) - Integrated marking systems increase throughput speed.
  • Conveyor Integration – Conveyors from existing workstations can be integrated into cartoner design.
  • Weighing Systems - Improve quality control with integrated product weighing systems.
  • Metal Detectors and X-Ray Stations – Ensure the contents of each carton are free of contaminants and positioned properly with integrated metal detectors and x-ray stations.

Whether you make cereal, crackers, frozen goods, or other consumer products, a cartoner is a crucial tool for safely delivering a quality product to your customers. CRG Automation can engineer the best suitable cartoner to address your unique production needs and integrate it seamlessly into your existing packaging lines.

The Benefits of Robotics Integration

Robotics integration can help your company rapidly increase packaging and part handling volume while also reducing critical mistakes. Our robotics are meticulously programmed for optimal performance in your packing facility so you can see the fastest possible ROI.

Not only do we develop brand new automation solutions for your facility; we can also engineer ways to upgrade your current facility with the addition of custom robotics integration. Whatever your needs may be, our engineering team and experienced shop technicians will work with your project’s constraints to develop an effective, comprehensive packaging solution for your facility.

Automation and robotics integration reduce the physical risks associated with manual packing operations, thereby increasing personnel safety. Robotics integration also allows your workers to up skill by placing them in higher value roles such as more advanced robotics oversight positions. By investing in process automation with robotics, you can create more high-quality opportunities for your workforce to expand their skillset and make meaningful advancements within your company.

Increase the flexibility of your packaging system by integrating robotic processes and controls from CRG Automation. Real-time data collection makes it easy to continuously analyze performance and adjust accordingly to optimize production. Our systems can easily be scaled up or down to adapt to your fluctuating production needs, resulting in leaner operations and maximized efficiency. Minimize material waste and production errors with a system that will work as much as you need it to, when you need it to.

If your business is struggling with workforce supply and demand, robotics integration offers a clear solution. Reduce the need to expend manpower on repetitive manual labor and increase the resiliency of your operations to mitigate the impact of workforce gaps.

Case Studies

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CRG Automation has robotic packaging automation systems to address any and all of your packaging concerns. Contact us today to schedule your on-site packaging systems assessment.

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