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Robotics Integration

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Robotics Integration

CRG Automation is a highly experienced robotics integrator across a broad variety of applications. We are recognized for our quality engineering as a Preferred Integrator by industry leaders including the likes of Kawasaki, Fanuc, and others.

From simple collaborative or gantry robots up to multi-line robotic cells, CRG Automation provides integrated solutions to meet your needs. Our solutions incorporate infeed and pallet conveyors, collating and pattern formation systems, custom end-of-arm tooling, cell design, and integration with downstream stretch wrapping and strapping systems. We also offer application analysis, tool design, programming, pedestal and overhead mounting, safety guarding, conveyors, and material handling.

With a robotic automation system, you can increase your facility’s packaging speed, improve product quality, and enhance worker safety. Gain a competitive edge by investing in robotics integration to expand your facility’s packaging capacity. Learn about a few of our robotics integration offerings below.


We specialize in the following:

Product collation

Proper product collation is key to ensuring the correct position of your product, maximizing throughput, and reducing packaging jams on your production line. Our robotic automation solutions reduce collation errors to minimize the risk of incorrect packing or missing items in your complete product packages. Item placement and sequencing are made quick and simple with our robotic integration solutions, proven to increase production capacity and increase quality control.

Product transfer and feeding

CRG Automation designs product transfers to work in conjunction with downstream automatic cartoners. These devices transfer the primary product from upstream systems to the infeed conveyor of the cartoner. Servo controls provide proper balancing of product on the lane and accurate transfer of the product into the cartoner or case packer. Maximize uptime and streamline your product flow with our automated transfer mechanisms.

Case packing

CRG offers case packing solutions in both intermittent and continuous motion, with integrated and component case erectors to fit your needs and packaging system footprint. Whether you need a standard corrugated box or specialty cases, we partner with industry leading packaging suppliers to ensure we can help provide the quality cases you need. CRG takes the time to look at the little details so you do not have to, ensuring quality cases that will increase up-time and reduce case jams and damaged products. Expedite your packing process and ensure that your products make it safely to your customers with a robotic case packer.

Key Benefits of Robotic Case Packing:

·      Reduce repetitive, tedious motions

·      Improves employee ergonomics

·      Gentle product handling

·      Controlled acceleration and deceleration of the robot

·      Multiple configuration options

·      Low maintenance

·      Flexible for multiple product lines and future changes

·      Seamless integration as a stand-alone system or with other end of line automation equipment

·      *5 – 30 cpm depending on product


CRG Automation specializes in helping companies convert manual palletizing practices to automatic palletizing. We have decades of experience working with all kinds of materials ranging from fragile light bulbs to heavy manufactured goods. Robotics integration can be especially helpful when working with fragile items to reduce the risk of product damage. On the other hand, robots also have the strength to handle heavy items with ease to eliminate safety risks to personnel. Completely automate your palletizing process to boost productivity and improve worker safety by eliminating the need for manual palletizing and stacking.

Key benefits of Robotic Palletizing:

·      High system reliability

·      Superior up-time increases throughput

·      Seamless integration

·      Flexible and scalable

·      Interfaces with upstream and downstream equipment

·      Increases the density, stability and accuracy of pallet loads

·      Precise and safe handling for an array of products

The Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Robotics integration can help your company rapidly increase packaging and part handling volume while also reducing critical mistakes. Our robotics are meticulously programmed for optimal performance in your packing facility so you can see the fastest possible ROI.

Not only do we develop brand new automation solutions for your facility; we can also engineer ways to upgrade your current facility with the addition of custom robotics integration. Whatever your needs may be, our engineering team and experienced shop technicians will work with your project’s constraints to develop an effective, comprehensive packaging solution for your facility.

Automation and robotics integration reduce the physical risks associated with manual packing operations, thereby increasing personnel safety. Robotics integration also allows your workers to upskill by placing them in higher value roles such as more advanced robotics oversight positions. By investing in process automation with robotics, you can create more high-quality opportunities for your workforce to expand their skillset and make meaningful advancements within your company.

Increase the flexibility of your packaging system by integrating robotic processes and controls from CRG Automation. Real-time data collection makes it easy to continuously analyze performance and adjust accordingly to optimize production. Our systems can easily be scaled up or down to adapt to your fluctuating production needs, resulting in leaner operations and maximized efficiency. Minimize material waste and production errors with a system that will work as much as you need it to, when you need it to.

If your business is struggling with workforce supply and demand, robotics integration offers a clear solution. Reduce the need to expend manpower on repetitive manual labor and increase the resiliency of your operations to mitigate the impact of workforce gaps.

Case Studies

The Latest Studies From CRG Automation

Learn about some of our real-life cases where packaging facilities of all kinds have directly benefitted from the integration of custom designed robotic systems from CRG Automation.

CRG Automation has robotic packaging automation systems to address any and all of your packaging concerns. Contact us today to schedule your on-site packaging systems assessment.

You can learn more about our automated packaging capabilities here. Discover what CRG Automation can do for you.

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