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Palletizing is one of the final steps in preparing your product for shipment. Doing this manually can be back-breaking work, and poorly stacked finished pallets can result in damage before your product even arrives at its destination.

Depending on the product being stacked on the pallet, the orientation of that product on the pallet is very important. This orientation, or stacking pattern, can enhance stability of the completed pallet, increase stacking strength, prevent damage, and maintain identification labels that must be in plain sight. CRG Automation specializes in helping companies convert manual palletizing practices to automatic palletizing. We have decades of experience working with materials ranging from fragile light bulbs to heavy manufactured goods.

Warhead containers

Automatic palletizing

In recent years, automatic palletizing has resolved many of the issues that once required manual work. This automated practice typically falls into one of three categories: robotic palletizing, low-level layer palletizing, and high-level layer palletizing. CRG Automation has extensive expertise in all three. Depending on speed and space, an automatic pallet dispenser, slip-sheet dispenser or tier-sheet dispenser can be integrated into the palletizing process.

CRG Automation can help you select the correct palletizing solution for your application and integrate it successfully into your overall packaging system, as robotic palletizers are a key piece of equipment that must communicate correctly with your conveying system. CRG Automation works with all major brands, including Kawasaki. CRG can supply the upstream case conveyor needed, orient/collate the product for the optimum product pick arrangement, establish the best pallet-stacking pattern, design the correct EOAT (end of arm tool), and supply other ancillary equipment.

Our expertise includes:

  • Robot arm with EOAT with full safety guard package
  • Case and pallet conveyor
  • Pallet dispensers, tier and/or slip-sheet dispensers
  • Automatic stretch wrappers
  • Labeling systems, bar code readers and weighing systems
  • Integration to warehouse management systems

Items commonly integrated with palletizing

  • EOAT (end of arm tool)
  • Case conveyors
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Pallet dispensers
  • Tier-/slip-sheet dispensers
  • Product collators
  • Perimeter safety guarding systems
  • Production alarm systems
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Barcode reader/scanners
  • Printer/labeling equipment
  • Scales
  • Stretch wrapping machines
  • Strapping machines