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Palletizing is one of the final steps in preparing your product for shipment. Doing this manually can be back-breaking work, and poorly stacked finished pallets can result in damage to your product before it even arrives at its destination.

Depending on the product being stacked on the pallet, the orientation of that product on the pallet is very important. This orientation, or stacking pattern, can enhance stability of the completed pallet, increase stacking strength, prevent damage, and maintain identification labels that must be in plain sight. Manually palletizing products while taking these factors into consideration can be tedious and tiring for workers- but for an automated palletizer, these parameters are no problem.

CRG Automation specializes in helping companies convert manual practices with our top of the line automated palletizers. An automated palletizer is a sophisticated industrial machine designed to systematically arrange and stack products onto pallets, optimizing the efficiency of the packaging process and facilitating secure and organized shipments. We have decades of experience palletizing all kinds of products ranging from fragile light bulbs to heavy manufactured goods. With our incredible packaging expertise, CRG Automation can help you select the correct automated palletizer for any application.

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Automated Palletizing

In recent years, automated palletizing has resolved many of the palletizing issues that once required manual work by increasing throughput and improving safety. This automated practice typically falls into one of three categories: robotic, low-level layer, and high-level layer palletizing. CRG Automation has extensive expertise in all three of these processes.

Depending on the necessary speed and available space, an automatic pallet dispenser, slip-sheet dispenser or tier-sheet dispenser can also be integrated into the palletizing process.

Robotic Palletizing Technologies

Robotic palletizers are a key piece of equipment that must communicate correctly with your conveying system. We ensure that our palletizers are successfully integrated into your overall packaging system through precise engineering and careful installation. CRG Automation can supply the upstream case conveyor needed, orient/collate the product for the optimum product pick arrangement, establish the best pallet-stacking pattern, design the correct EOAT (end of arm tool), and supply other ancillary equipment.

Low-Level Layer Palletizing

In low-level layer palletizing, products are systematically arranged on the pallet at a lower level. This method is suitable for industries requiring precise layering and those with limited vertical space. CRG Automation excels in designing low-level layer palletizing solutions that optimize space, enhance stability, and ensure efficient product stacking. Whether you’re dealing with fragile items or heavy goods, our automated systems provide consistent and reliable palletization, reducing the risk of product damage during transportation.

High-Level Layer Palletizing

For industries with high production volumes and ample vertical space, high-level layer palletizing is a preferred automated solution. CRG Automation specializes in designing and implementing high-level layer palletizing systems that maximize throughput while maintaining the integrity of stacked products. With high-level layer palletizing, your business can achieve increased efficiency and reduced labor costs in your packaging operations.

Custom Palletizing Solutions

CRG Automation specializes in engineering custom palletizer systems for applications across all industries, from food and beverages to heavy industrial equipment. Our systems are tailored to complement your specific packaging needs, working harmoniously with major packaging system brands like Kawasaki. This compatibility ensures a reliable and well-coordinated interaction between the palletizer and other components of your packaging system.

Whether you require integration with barcode readers, labeling equipment, or weighing systems, CRG Automation offers customizable solutions that adapt to the unique requirements of your operation. From robotic arms with end-of-arm tools (EOAT) to automatic stretch wrappers, labeling systems, and barcode readers, our palletizing solutions offer comprehensive automation. This comprehensive approach minimizes the need for manual intervention, reducing labor costs and enhancing overall efficiency.

Our expertise includes:

  • Robot arm with EOAT with full safety guard package
  • Case and pallet conveyor
  • Pallet dispensers, tier and/or slip-sheet dispensers
  • Automatic stretch wrappers
  • Labeling systems, bar code readers and weighing systems
  • Integration to warehouse management systems

Palletizer Integration

Maximizing the efficiency of your packaging operations involves seamless integration of automated palletizing solutions with your existing systems. By choosing CRG Automation's palletizers, you unlock a host of benefits that elevate your overall packaging process. Our palletizers seamlessly integrate with your conveyor systems, optimizing the flow of products from production to palletization. This integration ensures a smooth transition between packaging stages, minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput.

Integrating CRG Automation’s palletizers with your existing packaging automation systems not only modernizes your operation but also positions your business at the forefront of automated packaging technology. Experience the synergy of advanced palletizing solutions seamlessly working with your current systems for unparalleled efficiency and productivity. Below are just a few of the systems and components that our palletizer systems are commonly integrated to work alongside:

  • EOAT (end of arm tool)
  • Perimeter safety guarding
  • Barcode reader/scanners
  • Case conveyors
  • Production alarm systems
  • Printer/labeling equipment
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Scales
  • Pallet dispensers
  • Stretch wrapping machines
  • Product collators
  • Tier-/slip-sheet dispenser
  • Strapping machines