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CRG Automation has over 17 years of experience designing and building fully automated continuous cartoners and intermittent motion cartoners. This experience is evident when studying our cutting-edge cartoner designs, packed with the most advanced features that our engineering team can offer.

Each one of our automated cartoners is specifically designed for our customers’ needs with their specific project parameters in mind. To ensure a quick and easy startup, we sometimes utilize a set of pre-loaded cartoner “recipes” that have been proven effective in certain applications. This allows us to get your cartoner up and running as quickly as possible while also minimizing design costs.

Beyond our standard cartoner designs, we also engineer custom cartoning solutions for those looking to meet specific sets of standards. We serve a broad range of industries from foods to medical, and work with products as heavy as industrial equipment to goods as fragile as light bulbs. Whatever your product is, CRG Automation helps you carton it quickly, safely, and efficiently, all while allowing your personnel more time to focus on value-added operations.

Our fully automated cartoners are guaranteed to deliver more efficient and consistent results faster than a manual process. Each standard CRG cartoner employs the following standard features to ensure that the job always gets done right.

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CRG Cartoner Standard Features

  • Robust Construction

Our cartoners are made from high-quality steel frames for heavy duty use and longevity. Resistant to impact and coated for wear resistance, CRG Automation cartoners are an investment that will last.

  • Compact Machine Footprint

Each cartoner includes built-in control enclosures to reduce the overall machine footprint, safely located within the framework.

  • Ease of Accessibility

Major components are accessible from either side of the cartoner, with perimeter guard doors located at each maintenance and adjustment location. Maintenance operations are quicker than ever thanks to our cartoner designs.

  • Easy and Fast Product Changeover

Major adjustment points are servo motor driven for quick and easy product changeovers. Reduce downtime and get back to your cartoning operations in a timely manner.

  • Intermittent Rate

With intermittent operation, our cartoners can process between 35-40 cartons per minute.

  • Continuous Throughput Rate

Continuous operation of our cartoners allows for throughput of 60-100 cartons per minute.

  • Rockwell Logix Control Platform

Our cartoners utilize either a Compac or Control Logix processor with Panelview HMI for full process control and easy workflow integration.

  • Glue and Tuck Carton Enclosure

Automated packaging systems including glue and tuck operations are integrated into the cartoner. Reduce overall throughput time with these automated cartoner functions.

  • Erect, Close, and Fold Functions

These cartoning features are provided in all standard CRG cartoners. Free up the hands of your operators so they can focus on more value-added activities.

  • Go/No-Go Detection

Our cartoners are equipped with go/no-go detection to simplify product flow.

  • Servo Product Loader

A servo product loader ensures repeatable performance, higher speeds, and ease of adjustment when you need it. Redirect your manpower to different operations with automated product loading.

  • Infeed Bucket (Product) Conveyor

Conveyors are servo driven with a flow-through bypass option. Move products along the line with ease.

  • Central Lube System

A central lubrication system keeps our cartoners running better for longer. This also reduces costs related to routine maintenance and downtime.

  • Category 3 Safety

All CRG cartoners are engineered with a minimum of Category 3 safety specifications. CRG can meet additional customer-specific safety protocols as needed. Discuss any of your cartoner safety concerns with our team and we will get them addressed.

CRG Cartoner Custom Features

In addition to our standard cartoners, CRG also builds custom cartoners to meet our customer’s unique needs. Custom cartoner features allow for additional value-added steps that save time, adherence to special product standards, and a higher degree of quality control. A few of our available custom options include, but are not limited to:

  • Sanitary Stainless Steel

Sanitary steel is the standard for food grade and medical applications. This option is suitable for meeting FDA Dry and Wet standards.

  • Upstream Transfer Systems

Special paths can be created for moving cartons to the next station. Custom engineered systems make station transfers quick and seamless.

  • Marking Systems (laser/ink)

Integrated marking systems increase throughput speed. Use this feature to display important brand and batch information on your product cartons. Both laser and ink marking systems are available.

  • Conveyor Integration

If you already have a conveyor system that works for your operations, don’t worry about shutting it down. Conveyors from existing workstations can be integrated into cartoner design to save on engineering costs and installation downtime.

  • Weighing Systems

Improve quality control with integrated product weighing systems.

  • Metal Detectors and X-Ray Stations

Ensure the contents of each carton are free of contaminants and positioned properly with integrated metal detectors and x-ray stations.

Whether you make cereal, crackers, frozen goods, or other consumer products, a cartoner is a crucial tool for safely delivering a quality product to your customers. CRG Automation can engineer the best suitable cartoner to address your unique production needs and integrate it seamlessly into your existing packaging lines.

To learn more about which CRG Automation cartoning system may be right for your packaging operations, contact us today to schedule your on-site packaging systems assessment.

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Case Studies

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Automated Cartoners

With many years of experience and expertise, we have revolutionized the way cartoning is done. Our automated cartoners are specifically designed to meet the demands of modern packaging, providing maximum efficiency and accuracy. With our advanced technology, the cartoning process is streamlined, reducing labor costs and increasing production output. We take pride in our sturdy and durable machines that are able to handle a wide range of carton sizes and shapes. Our superior quality control ensures that each cartoner is built to the highest standards, providing our customers with a reliable and long-lasting solution for their cartoning needs. Let CRG Automation be your trusted partner in automating your packaging process. 

Made Custom for a Wide Range of Carton Sizes

CRG Automation specializes in producing innovative cartoners that are designed to handle a wide range of carton sizes. Our team of experienced engineers and designers ensure that each cartoner is made with precision and attention to detail, allowing for maximum efficiency and versatility. With our state-of-the-art technology and advanced machinery, we are able to create cartoners that can handle various sizes from small to large, giving our clients the flexibility they need for their packaging needs. Our commitment to providing high-quality and reliable cartoners has made us a trusted choice for businesses looking to optimize their packaging process.

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High-Speed Cartoners

CRG Automation is a leading company in the field of automated packaging solutions, specializing in high-speed automated cartoners. With years of experience and expertise, our team at CRG Automation has engineered state-of-the-art machines that can efficiently and effectively package products into cartons at high speeds. Our automated cartoners are designed to enhance productivity and reduce labor costs, making them a valuable asset to any production line. We utilize advanced technology and premium quality materials to ensure that our machines are reliable, durable, and require minimal maintenance. At CRG Automation, we are committed to providing our clients with the best packaging solutions for their products, and our high-speed automated cartoners are a testament to that commitment.