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Stretch Wrapper

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Stretch Wrapping

In the packaging industry, stretch wrapping is the practice of wrapping your pallet of products with stretch film to help contain the pallet during shipping. The stretch wrapping process can be done manually by workers or be fully automatic with the choice typically depending on the number of pallets being produced per day.

Regardless of the wrapping method, stretch wrapping pallets prior to shipment is an essential part of the packaging process, so that your product arrives at its destination in the ideal condition.

Semi-automatic stretch wrapping

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers are simple to use and require little space but do require an operator to load and remove a pallet from the machine. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers come in turntable models or overhead rotating arms, which can be best for unstable products.

Automatic stretch wrapping

As volume increases, it often makes sense to upgrade to fully automatic stretch wrappers. These machines come in various configurations that can meet most stacking requirements and be easily integrated into a complete packaging line with other equipment. Automatic stretch wrappers come in styles including turntable, overhead rotating arms and orbital rings. Each of these can accommodate multiple conveyor sections and be easily integrated with upstream palletizing systems.

CRG Automation provide complete integrated stretch wrapping systems and works with all major manufacturers including Lantech, Wulftec, Orion, Cousins Packaging and others.