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Case Study: Protecting Fragile Light Bulbs By Automating Case Packing


A major light bulb manufacturer sought to automate the case packing of sleeves of light bulbs. The company had three manually operated lines and spare parts that needed modification before they could be installed. Each machine required a new custom infeed system to present the sleeves of light bulbs to the case packer ― without damaging this fragile product. Additionally, the control system required upgrades as did the machine safety guarding. Beyond the issue of the fragile product was a configuration conundrum, as the case packer would need to be able to run at 3-5 cases per minute with either a 6- or 12-count of sleeved light bulbs.


CRG Automation designed a new infeed conveyor system and product loader to work with the old case packers. Upgrades to the entire control system and servo technology ensured accurate loading of the fragile bulbs. The solution matched the current production line speed, freeing up employees for higher-value work, and the improved safety guard package met new standards.