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Customized Automation Process Boosts Efficiency, Speed, and Accuracy in Manufacturing and Packaging Environments.

CRG Automation specializes in creating customized automated packaging, assembly, and manufacturing solutions for diverse set of clients 


It’s widely known that nearly every industry has challenged by a strained workforce and supply chain bottlenecks - especially within the last two years. Unprecedented labor shortages, increasing and unpredictable manufacturing lead times, and imported component shortages have become the new normal. No longer is business operating in a reactive fashion in response to these “new” realities. Instead, we’ve all essentially remodeled the way we conduct business in order to maximize our strategies and the resources we do have. 

Companies and facilities no longer can rely on manual labor, sorting, and assembly, or a deep labor bench to accomplish the job and get it out the door. The long-term and viable solution – fully-robotic, customized automation solutions for every stage in the production and packing process. CRG Automation recently completed a specialized job for a client requiring the assembly, production, and palletizing of 1,000 custom- engineered steel canister units per week. 

We proudly met this goal by manufacturing a customized assembly line designed only for this unique client. Only one person are required to operate and monitor this manufacturing line. Compared to manual steel cutting, fabrication, welding, and a packing/palletizing process requiring longer hours and multiple skilled trade associates, a customized automation process is the clear answer. And no manual process can beat automation when it comes to accuracy and efficiency. 

This approach is critical in the arenas of manufacturing, consumer goods packaging, component assembly, and shipping solutions. Creating solutions around efficiency, while maintaining product integrity and production speed, have become top priority. Creating customized automation solutions focused on these goals is key to production success – and that’s where CRG Automation comes in. 

We do what it takes – no shortcuts   

CRG Automation’s mission in our 20-year history always has been creating uniquely custom automation solutions for addressing day-to-day production challenges. When it came time for us to serve a high-profile customer with specific output requirements, we put into action what we “preach” and created an in-house assembly, production, and packing line especially for this customer. While it is highly customized and cannot be reused for another client, CRG Automation’s out-of-pocket investment to design and build the assembly line was more than worth it. And in the end, we surpassed the client’s expectations. 

This CRG Automation video showcases in more detail how this assembly and packaging process happens on-site, with quality control measures checked at each stage in the process. 

Designed from the ground up by CRG Automation’s engineering team, this manufacturing line was created for the production of specialized, airtight canisters. The line included customized functions for cutting bundles of 20-foot steel tubes to specified lengths and under critical thresholds. Linear measurement devices throughout the automation platform assure highly stringent specifications are met. 

Automated saws cut and then feed the shorter steel tubes further through the assembly onto a conveyor line. From here, a series of five additional work stations is engaged, beginning with automated welding in producing a customized end cap for what will be finished canisters. Remaining production stages include leak testing, inserting interior canister components, laser etching of serial numbers and barcode information, and removal from the main conveyor line to the canister clamp station for final product assembly. 

In the final station of this automation system, the completed canister product is robotically palletized onto a customized skid. A conveyor belt feeds empty skids to an automated palletizing station, where 25 canisters are loaded into individual slots. Each time a skid is loaded with 25 canisters, the conveyor then moves it to an output conveyor in completion of the automation process. As this happens, the system simultaneously feeds empty skids in continuing the palletizing process. 

Need to improve an assembly, manufacturing or packaging process? CRG Automation is up to the challenge.

The intricate process of planning, designing, and constructing customized production lines is backed by the science of engineering and the art of quality control. When it all goes well, it’s a beautifully-choreographed dance. When it doesn’t, damaged products are not the sole concern. More importantly, the health and safety of employees, consumers, and the general public safety may be at stake in some cases. 

We welcome an opportunity to learn where and how we can help improve your facility’s processes for greater efficiency and quality control. Our team of engineers is ready to listen. If you’re faced with an issue on the production floor, reach out to CRG Automation at 502-499-4921 or Or, submit a Packaging Systems Assessment or Custom Assembly & Manufacturing Solutions request.