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Case Study: Fewer Jams, Faster Cartoning for Frozen Waffle Maker


A major manufacturer of frozen waffles sought a new product transfer system that would work with its existing cartoner to accommodate higher throughput. Packages were produced over four separate conveyor lines and then fed to the cartoning area. The previous system was limited to less than 120 cartons per minute and suffered frequent jams. The manufacturer also needed a compact system to fit into its existing space.


CRG Automation designed a multi-lane transfer system that worked with the four infeed conveyor lines and transferred the packages into the conveyor of the cartoner. A key element of the new system included gapping/separating the packages, eliminating the jams that had been so common for so long. The new multi-lane transfer fit into the available space and integrated with the existing cartoner. CRG Automation’s solution increased the overall production rate from less than 120 cartons per minute to 200 cartons per minute.