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Vertical Rocket Cutting Machine (VRCM)


The primary function of the VRCM System is to safely separate the outer Shipping and Firing Tube and warhead from the lower Rocket Motor Assembly, so that they can be processed downstream in the Rocket Warhead Containerization System. The VRCM Processing lines are fully automated and can be operated remotely to ensure the safety of the operators.


The Vertical Rocket Cutting Machine (VRCM) is a Custom Engineered System that is made up on 3 primary elements. First is the automated production process. Second is the Vertical Rocket Cutting Machines. And finally, the Process Reject Station. This system was designed and built to produce a safe and efficient processing environment.

This process includes robotically inserting the shipping & firing tube into the VRCM. The tube is secured and cut using a custom designed, rotating cutting element. One the outer tube is separated; another cut will remove the warhead from the rocket. Any damaged or failed tubes or rockets are robotically placed into a reject rack.

This custom solution provided a safe, fully automated process to solve our customer’s needs.

This system utilized the following equipment:

  • Input conveyor
  • Custom VRCM machine
  • Rocket handling robot
  • Process reject station
  • Reject rack
  • Transfer station
  • Transfer robot
  • Output conveyors