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Concept to Custom Automation with C-IMC Cartoner

Deep Dive: From Concept to Custom Automation with the C-IMC Cartoner

CRG Automation

Tired of being limited by your current cartoner machine(s) and want a custom automation solution?

Smart industrial business people know that increased competition and other market forces threaten market share, profit margins, and business viability.

That’s why it’s critical for Continuous Improvement professionals, Packaging/Process Engineers, and R&D Engineers to continue to streamline internal processes while also pioneering new product solutions that improve the lives of their target audience.

This constant innovation and change requires custom automation packaging and shipping solutions that work hand-in-glove with your vision. And that’s the point of frustration companies have with many cartoner machines on the market.

But that’s also why smart brands turn to CRG Automation for custom automation cartoners. Our client brands include the likes of:

  • Coca Cola
  • Heinz
  • GE
  • Kelloggs
  • Pillsbury
  • Reynolds
  • Wild Turkey
  • And many more

Read a few of our latest case studies to learn how our customer automation cartoners are helping real companies win.

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Custom Automation with the C-IMC Cartoner

Manufacturing operations live and die by their ability to quickly make, package, and ship their products to their customers. The name of the game is producing products that are high quality and rapidly produced.

While many cartoners are cumbersome in use and rigid in application, CRG cartoners are different from the rest. CRG has built a custom automation cartoner that infuses the best of our legacy with modern flexibility that manufacturers need to thrive in their markets.

It’s called the C-IMC Cartoner.

The C-IMC Cartoner by CRG gives you infinite possibilities in ONE custom automation machine. CRG Automation’s experienced team understands each problem is unique, so we delve into what’s keeping you from becoming more efficient and devise custom solutions.

Some of the most beloved brands on planet earth are enjoying the benefits of C-IMC Cartoners, including:

  • Effortless Operation
  • Unparalleled Flexibility
  • Two-arm Rotary Pick
  • 15.6" State-of-the-Art Interface
  • Intermittent Rate: 60+ CPM
  • Precision Servo Adjustable Buckets

C-IMC Cartoner Sets the Gold Standard

Pinpoint Precision: It’s common to hear the promises of other cartoner suppliers, but C-IMC Cartoners by CRG actually deliver pinpoint accuracy in every carton.

Seamless Integration: It’s not practical to install an entirely new top-to-bottom production line. C-IMC Cartoners are built to complement and enhance existing production lines. This ensures a smooth transition.

Unparalleled Support: With CRG, you’re not just buying a cartoner – you’re investing in a partnership. Our support and maintenance teams are always on standby. Our on-going customer support, your business can keep producing at the highest standards for years to come.

Standard Features of C-IMC Cartoners

One of the most fundamental questions that companies ask is how much our customer automation machines can produce in a minute.

Regarding the Intermittent Rate, our cartoners can process between 35-40 cartons per minute. As it relates to the Continuous Throughput Rate, our cartoners allow for throughput of 60-100 cartons per minute.

But these are just a couple of the many standard features that you enjoy when you turn to CRG Automation as your custom automation packaging machine partner.

See A Full List of Features and Benefits of Our Standard Cartoner Solutions here:

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Intuitive Training While You Work

Real-Time Guidance: C-IMC Cartoners come equipped with on-screen video classes - right on the machines. This means your team can literally learn and master the ins and outs of a customer automation cartoner while standing right in front of it.

Simplified Instructions: You know how simple and engaging the safety video instructions are on an airplane, right? Well that’s exactly how the instructions on the C-IMC Cartoner machines are. They are straightforward, engaging, and memorable. There’s no need for lengthy manuals or tedious sessions.

Empower Every Operator: From seasoned technicians to new recruits, our intuitive training ensures everyone can operate the C-IMC Cartoner with confidence and efficiency.

Download the C-IMC Cartoner Brochure here

C-IMC Cartoners Shine in Challenging Times

Let’s face it, the labor market is tough. Worker turnover is high and new hire training is frequent for many companies. So, it’s not feasible to spend weeks or months training new hires on how to use your cartoning systems - and to do so without harming the equipment or injuring themselves.

That’s where our custom automation packaging and shipping solution - C-IMC Cartoners - change the game. The C-IMC Cartoner is intuitive, foolproof, and designed for rapid onboarding. This ensures that anyone can operate the cartoner machine with ease and confidence.

Custom automation machine safety is critical. A truly foolproof custom automation machine has to be safe for real people. While most workers are vigilant when operating machinery, most of the time, fallible human beings make mistakes, are sometimes clumsy, and experience lapses in good judgment.

For this reality, you’re in good hands with C-IMC Cartoners. Beyond simplicity, C-IMC Cartoners prioritize the safety of every operator, ensuring a secure production environment.

More Output in Less Time: C-IMC Cartoner machines help companies maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. So, you can cater to a variety of production needs without the usual downtime, ensuring maximum productivity, with our customer automation machines. With C-IMC Cartoners, production keeps moving!

C-IMC Cartoner Benefits Deep Dive

Versatile Carton Sizes: From the smallest to the largest, C-IMC Cartoners can handle a diverse range of carton sizes with ease.

We offer standard cartoner designs as well as custom engineered automation cartoning solutions for those looking to meet specific standards. This means that we can create a customer automation cartoner regardless of your industry.

For instance, we create custom C-IMC Cartoner solutions for food and medical companies where OSHA regulations are enforced. And we even build custom automation C-IMC Cartoners for heavy industrial equipment products manufacturers.

Preloaded Recipes: You don’t have to worry about lengthy setup times with a C-IMC Cartoner, the way you have to with other cartoner suppliers. That’s because we offer preloaded recipes. So, changeovers are quick, accurate, and hassle-free.

C-IMC Cartoners are the future for the world’s top brands that want to keep offering the best products for their demanding customers in an ever-evolving marketplace. If you want to maximize production, quality, efficiency, and profits, then the choice is simple. Learn more about C-IMC Cartoners and switch today.

If you’re tired of being limited by your current cartoning system, then you should learn how C-IMC Cartoners by CRG can redefine your expectations.

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